Library Patrons (Who Can Use CAJ's Library)

Library Patrons[edit]

  • The purpose of the library is to provide books for CAJ students and teachers.
  • Alumni and former staff are welcome to use the CAJ library with the following guidelines: books checked out are intended for the alum rather than the family members since SSS is available for kids who want to check out books; check-out is for 2 weeks (only renewable if there is no one else on the waiting list); fines are not assessed
  • Alumni parents who want to check out books for their children will be referred to SSS.

Friends of the Library[edit]

  • Friends of the Library applies to anyone who is not a former student, former staff member or former SSS member.
  • The cost is ¥1,000 per school year . Friends of the Library are free to check out books during the summer on either end of the year they are members.
  • Book limit-5 books.
  • Two-week check out (renewable if no one else is waiting for the book).
  • Library fines enforced.