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Varsity boys' basketball wins 56-39 against St. Maur

The varsity boys' basketball played team its third game in four days against St. Maur on Saturday afternoon. CAJ won 56-39 to move its league record to 2-3.

The Knights were able to create many steals and fast break scores off their full-court man-to-man press defense. YIS often had to pass long down the court because the Knights were effectively denying the Dragons' key ball-handlers from getting the ball.

"Generally, when we play full-court man defense, our key is not getting beat. We just put on a little bit of pressure to slow the game down a bit," Coach Steve Hall said. "But it was evident quickly that we could put [extra] pressure on them because they didn't have as many good ball-handlers or passers, so we started denying the inbounds pass."

CAJ played from ahead the entire game, so Hall's main focus for his team was running its offense in a way that makes the defense work.

"Too often, we let teams off the hook by taking a quick shot after they set up their defense and letting them get the ball back immediately on a rebound," Hall said. "That happens over and over again. We need to at least swing it from side to side once or twice to get the defensive moving."

The top statistical performers for CAJ were Enosh (16 points, eight rebounds, and six steals), Ty (eight points and five steals) and Asher (eight points). Three other players had at least five points.

The Knights' next game will be at home next Tuesday against Zama.

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