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Varsity boys' basketball wins 58-43 against Zama

The varsity boys' basketball team used another strong first quarter to earn a 58-43 victory over Zama on Tuesday night. The Knights now have a 3-3 league record in the Kanto Plains this season.

CAJ sprinted out to a quick 22-9 lead near the end of the first quarter. The Knights consistently burned the Trojans' transition defense with their speed and strong passing.

"We were really stressing getting the ball ahead," coach Steve Hall said. "A lot of times, we're not looking to pass the ball ahead because we think that people aren't really open. But we need to trust that if we can get the ball up over the defense, then they really are open."

Hall also commented that another reason for the Knights' success was staying with their man-to-man ball denial pressure defense to rattle the Zama players as they brought the ball up the floor.

CAJ continued to extend its lead, and the team led 50-25 after three quarters. However, during the third quarter, Enosh injured his ankle and did not return. That made three Knights players (Enosh, Kyle and Lukas) who were unavailable due to sickness or injury.

The Knights struggled to rebound the ball without its absent players, but Hall also noted that the team wasn't making key defensive adjustments as the game wore on.

"We were too glued to [the people we were guarding]," Hall said. "The defense we were playing would have been good against a team that likes to shoot threes. But for a [Zama] team that likes to drive, we were extending our pressure too far out on the players without the ball."

Zama ended up closing the gap significantly, but CAJ still held on for a solid 15-point win.

Some statistical highlights from this game came from Enosh (13 points, 12 rebounds and five steals), Koji (11 points), Ty (nine points and eight rebounds) and Eugene (eight points and six rebounds).

The Knights' next game is at home on Friday against St. Mary's.

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