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Field hockey ties ASIJ 0-0 in friendly match

The field hockey team visited ASIJ for a friendly match on Tuesday night. The game ended in a 0-0 tie, with moved the Knights’ overall season record to 6-1-1.

According to coach Victor Eby, CAJ used a new formation that was designed to give more defensive support. The strategy appeared to have worked on the Knights' defensive side, since they held ASIJ scoreless after allowing two goals to the Mustangs last Saturday. The Knights' leaders in defensive saves were 15 for Rina, 11 for Meg (12th grade) and 10 for Krista.

Overall, the Mustangs ended the game with five short corners to the Knights' three. Eby estimates that CAJ was still able to get off eight shots on goal, however.

Eby noted that goalie Eunmin deserved the unofficial "game ball" for her performance..

"Eunmin had several crucial goalie saves," Eby said. "She was really moving and it was fun to watch her. Rina at center half [also had a great game]."

The game was originally believed to be an official league match, but rules stated that only the first two games between league opponents would be counted toward league play. CAJ had already played ASIJ twice (a win and a loss), so the Knights’ 5-1 officially league record ultimately defeated the Mustangs’ 4-1-1 league record by a narrow margin to win the Kanto Plains League Title.

Now that league play is over, the league tournament will take place this Saturday at YCAC with CAJ, ASIJ, YIS and BST. The Knights will start the tournament with a game against BST.

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