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Girls' soccer loses 5-0 to Zama

The girls' soccer team couldn't pull out a win against Zama on Tuesday, losing 5-0. This was the first meeting between the two teams this year.

Coach Steve Hall discussed how the team has struggled in its recent games to turn its many possessions into legitimate scoring chances. That was also evident on Tuesday.

CAJ began its season with a 5-1-2 record in its first eight games against varsity opponents, but the Knights have now lost four of their last six games as their opposition has gotten much tougher.

"One of the things that we used to our advantage [early in the season] is the fact that we had an underdog mindset," Hall said. "But having won more often than usual [this season], that underdog mindset isn't quite there and there's not as much desperation or intensity in our play."

Julia did mention that the Knights made the positive adjustment of using more backpasses to switch the field. However, she also realizes the important of the team's mentality.

"Coach was saying that we have to go into our games knowing that the [other] team is better than us," she said. "But because they are better than us, we need to work as hard as we can and know that when we play our best, we are capable of winning."

The Knights' record against varsity teams now stands at 7-5-2. The next girls' soccer event will be a JV game at ASIJ on Thursday.
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