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Boys' soccer beats Yokota 3-0

The boys' soccer team remained undefeated by defeating Yokota 3-0 on Tuesday night. Knights coach Keesh Kawaguchi gave some thoughts on the team's performance:

"Our first half was 0-0, and some of the guys felt like we needed to attack a little more. The balance is always a difficult part of this game. You want to keep the ball to yourself, but at the same time, just passing the ball around and not advancing doesn't really accomplish the goal of scoring.

Knowing when to attack is something we need to work on as we head toward the tournament. As far as the pace of the game and slowing the game down, and looking up to see who the open guy is, I think we have a pretty good hang of that.

Next is [learning] how to attack from there and how we move the ball together. It takes a lot of teamwork, it takes a lot of trusting and sensing when to go, and that's going to be a real challenge for me as a coach, too.

I appreciate all the parents who came out today. Yokota was nice enough to recognize our seniors, as well, and I'm really happy our seniors are playing really hard and controlling the tempo and flow of the game. I'm really proud of them."

Joshua (11th grade) had two of the goals, and Kevin had the third. Mish and Enosh had one assist apiece. CAJ's record now stands at 8-0-1, and the team now has more than two weeks off as it prepares for Far East, which starts May 21 at Misawa Air Base.
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