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Field hockey wins games against ASIJ and YIS

CAJ's field hockey team played at ASIJ against ASIJ and YIS on Saturday. The Knights won 3-2 against ASIJ and 1-0 against YIS to secure a league regular season championship.

Against ASIJ, CAJ struck first with a goal 10 minutes remaining, but ASIJ quickly responded with a goal of its own. The score went up to 2-2 in the second half, but CAJ put in a goal with six minutes remaining to win the game.

Mei had one goal and one assist against the Mustangs. Alice and Rina also had goals for CAJ. Goalie Eunmin had six big saves to stop goals, and Miyuki, Rina and Melissa led the team in defensive saves. CAJ had five short corner plays in total.

Against YIS, Alice scored late in the first half for CAJ's only goal. Miyuki, Rina and Joy led the Knights in defensive saves and the team had four total short corner plays.

CAJ's record is now 6-1. The Knights will play BST at a field in Kawasaki on Tuesday.

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