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Varsity girls' basketball defeats ISSH 45-22

CAJ's varsity girls' basketball used consistent scoring and strong rebounding to defeat ISSH on Tuesday by a score of 45-22. The Knights' league record now stands at 6-2.

In the previous game against the Symbas, CAJ won by a narrow margin of 42-40.

"In the last game, they were getting rebound after rebound, especially offensive rebounds, and that really hurt us," coach Craig Eby said. "Today, it was a complete switch."

Indeed, the Knights out-rebounded the Symbas 47-19 on Tuesday night. Eby said another factor in this game was how the team's defense contained the ball out on the perimeter and did well to prevent closer shots and drives. ISSH frequently used most of the shot clock before putting up a difficult attempt.

"Offensively, it was good to see Anna hitting her outside shots again. We also had a balanced attack and some really nice assists," Eby said.

Some key performers in this game were Anna (18 points and five rebounds), Rachel (13 points and seven rebounds), Mitsuki (five points, 14 rebounds and three assists), Jessica (five points and nine rebounds) and HyeonSeo (four points and six rebounds).

The Knights will play at the Kanto Classic Tournament at ASIJ on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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