Athletics, MS

#Parents and students should read and be familiar with the Student Athletic Handbook.

  1. Middle school sports stress experience and participation. The “A” team is the most competitive level and made up of students who have experience and ability. The “B” team consists of students who are not as experienced. Some sports may have a “C” team depending on the number of students who want to play. This team consists of students at the beginning level. It is part of our middle school sports philosophy that all team members have playing time in games against other schools. For those sports in which a great number of students wish to participate, club-level teams may be formed to provide an opportunity for regular practice and club team play.
  2. Parents are required to approve in writing the participation of their child in an after-school activity. A form is sent home by the director/coach listing the schedule and expectations. In addition, student participation in these activities must be approved by the middle school principal, who evaluates the student's academic and behavior records. Students who are having academic or other difficulties may be suspended from an activity for a time.
  3. Students must attend at least four class periods in a day in order to participate in co-curricular activities on that day (i.e., games, play practice, concerts, etc.). Participation in a scheduled physical education class is required in order to participate in co-curricular activities after school. Any exceptions must be approved by the principal.
  4. An annual physical examination is required for participation in the athletic program.
  5. A ¥5000 participation fee is billed to family accounts for each regular season sport.