Homework, MS

CAJ Homework Philosophy[edit]

  • In general, CAJ believes homework should deepen and reinforce understanding and skill. It should provide independent practice, introduce new material, or provide enrichment and stimulate thinking. If homework is assigned as independent practice, it should be preceded by guided practice in class.
  • Homework assignments should be meaningful, reasonable, and well planned to encourage the “joy of learning,” never as punishment or as a substitute for teaching.
  • Students should know why the assignment is given, how and when they are to complete it, and how they will be held accountable.
  • Teachers should be sensitive to other demands placed on students and coordinate due dates for tests and other projects.
  • MS and HS teachers are required to post homework on the google classroom. See the principal or technology coordinator for more information.

Middle School Guidelines[edit]

  • Middle School is a time of preparation for High School and beyond. Therefore we try to help students learn to balance their responsibilities as learners with their involvement in other activities such as church groups, sports, music, etc.
    • In order to do this, Middle School students are generally not given assignments to do over the weekend which would be due on Mondays. However, students may have long term assessments that they choose to work on over the weekend or holidays.
    • Given the age level, an average of 60-90 minutes of uninterrupted homework time per night can be expected.
    • Students will be taught and expected to manage their time and schedule by using tools such as google classroom and their Agenda.