September 18, 2018

Christian Academy in Japan

Board of Directors Mini Retreat and Time with Leadership Team
Matsukawa Place
September 18, 2018


Gerald may (TEAM)
Johanna Leenders (Mieke Sasaki) (CRJM)
Joel Peterson (Member at Large)
Anda Foxwell (Head of School)
Pauline Carlson (ECC)
Stephen Durkoop (OMS)
Jeremy Seminoff(Member at Large and Educator)
Jaine Chung (Jaine Loh)(Japan Baptist Fellowship)
Karen Stoesz (SEND)


Sobi Abraham
Jennifer Rood

SY 18-19:9 Devotions

Gerald May started the meeting at 8:45 am. He pointed us to our Core values as the most significant values of our school and the reasons we serve on the Board of CAJ.

SY 18-19:10 Introductions and Prayer

Gerald May asked each member to introduce themselves. Time was spent in prayer.

SY 18-19:11 Overview of pertinent policies for discussion

The quorum was established according to B4.3.5.2.
Gerald May lead in an overview of board policies and the schedule for today’s meeting.
MSC to approve the Agenda.
Gerald May introduced the use of a timer to keep us focused and on task.

SY 18-19:12 Executive Session

MSC to enter into an executive session at 9:29 a.m. The session ended at 10:40 a.m.

SY 18-19:13 Orientation Overview

Gerald May lead in an overview about the processes and responsibilities of the board.
The monitoring report will be put on the consent agenda with the understanding that all members will read the material beforehand. If any member has questions on any point of the monitoring report, sending that question to Anda Foxwell and all board members prior to the meeting is acceptable.
Committee minutes will be put on the consent agenda for approval. Specific actions from the committees will be voted on separately from the approval of the minutes.
Ends statements will be reviewed over the 2018-2019 school year.

SY 18-19:14 Sign up for devotions, snacks and prayer and signing of the Agreement with CAJ’s Doctrinal Statements and Support for the Purpose of the School

The board members signed up for devotions, snacks and prayer and signed the agreement with the doctrinal statements and support for the purpose of the school.

SY 18-19:15 Building Project Update

Joel Peterson gave the building project update.

SY 18-19:16 Head of School Report

Anda Foxwell gave the Head of School report.

SY 18-19:17 Schedule Overview for SY18-19

Gerald May briefly talked about the Annual Agenda.

SY 18-19:18 Development Committee

Gerald May raised the issue of the need for a Development committee. Forming this committing will be an ongoing discussion in subsequent board meetings.

SY 18-19:19 Other Items for Discussion

The board members were reminded of the next meeting on October 16, 2018.
Gerald May introduced some books and magazines for further board education.

SY 18-19:20 Mini-Meetings (Finance Committee, G&PR Committee, Supervisor-Auditors)

The committees spent some time to briefly discuss processes and responsibilities and schedules.

SY 18-19:21 Afternoon Session with Leadership Team

Gerald May welcomed the LT. The board members briefly introduced themselves to the LT.
The LT members gave brief self-introductions and shared their vision and goals for SY18-19.
LT Members:
Winnie Langelaar- MS Principal
Nate Rudd- IT Director
Pam Kumate- HR Manager
Jacquie Willson- SSS Director
Damon Ealey- HS Principal
Stephen Willson- Facilities Manager
Jean Hino- ES Principal
Bryan Lewis- Business Manager
Anda Foxwell- Head of School (CAJ is hosting a Child Safety Protection Network seminar February, 2019)

We spent time in prayer in small groups.

SY 18-19:22 Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 3:48 pm.