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Work that is handed in after the due date may indicate organizational and time management difficulties. Therefore, in trying to help students learn planning, organizational and time management skills, and personal responsibility, the middle school has adopted a late work policy:

  • We expect all work to be turned in on time.
  • Work is due at the beginning of the class period unless specifically exempted by the teacher. Assignments submitted after this time are considered late. Plan on possible computer or printing problems. Being late for class to print a paper or complete an assignment is a tardy because the work counts as late.
  • Late work will be penalized as an “unprepared tardy” for each day that it is not turned in.
  • Consequences of late work:
    • Day 1: Tardy; teacher may ask you to stay after school to do the assignment
    • Day 2: Tardy; teacher and student devises a plan and parents are notified
    • IF the student does not turn it in on the date devised in the new plan, then the student will meet with teacher and principal, and will serve a Saturday School.
  • The final assignment deadline for the semester applies to all year long courses. Late assignments will not be accepted beyond the last day of the semester unless the student has been granted an incomplete exemption by the principal.
  • Exceptions to the late penalty or these policies may be granted by the principal.
  • Any questions about this policy, appeals or requests for exceptions should be directed to the principal.