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Growing in Grace & Truth:
Insights from the Physical Education Department

“So God created mankind in his own image,
in the image of God he created them;
male and female he created them.”   
(Genesis 1:27)

God created man in His own image and because of this we are to take care of ourselves. Sin has caused us to be selfish, lazy, and often uncaring about ourselves. It is our job to teach and motivate our students in truth with grace on why and how we should all be striving to honor God by caring for ourselves, and, in turn, others.

Physical education class is not simply about acquiring and developing skills like throwing a ball or learning strategies to play sports like soccer, but also about honoring and serving God with our whole being. This is why PE teachers love what we do!

The Physical Education department at CAJ strives to educate our students to value themselves as God’s creation and to understand that it honors God when we take care of ourselves.   This involves students being healthy spiritually, physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and environmentally, so that they can take care of and serve others effectively.  We believe that next to learning about God, physical education is the most important course offered at CAJ!

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Teaching and applying grace and truth looks different in each of our three divisions; however, each has a common theme of developing each child as a whole person. In elementary, collaboration, respect for others and for the equipment, and social skills are stressed.  Middle school focuses on building Christ-like character as the students learn various skills involved in sports. In high school, students focus on acquiring skills that encourage and promote lifelong fitness. They not only continue to develop the skills introduced in middle school, but begin to look at why taking care of themselves pleases God and how to do it.

About the Author
Tanya Hall is head of the Physical Education Department.  This is her 19th year at CAJ. She has taught math, science, Bible, and was an administrator before taking on the job of P.E. teacher. She enjoys coaching and has coached softball, volleyball and basketball.  She also enjoys cheering for her sons in their various sporting events!

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