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Donate to Impact 75 Field upgrade
To honor and celebrate 75 years of faithfulness, we are embarking on an ambitious five-year effort to enhance and expand our facilities. We are calling this plan Impact 75. (see our booklet for more information)

A key part of this vision is the proposed upgrade of our current playing field to a modern artificial turf surface, together with upgrades to surrounding play structures and courts. The important role that sport plays in our mission and in the lives of our students was highlighted in the Spring 2020 edition of our school magazine. (see this article in the Chronicle).

To help achieve this advancement of our facilities we would value your support.

We invite you to donate by 'purchasing' a square of the new field for 50,000 yen or 500 US$. Each purchaser will have their name shown in a square, in an arrangement similar to the field grid below, and recognized online and in a display near the field once it is completed. It is our desire that the resultant display will be a worthy reflection of the impact that this valued part of our program, and the dedicated staff involved with it, have had on so many over 70 plus years.

If you would like to donate but a full square is not in your current budget, why not form a group or nominate yourself for a group. This could be a family group, an alumni group (eg class of 79) or a sporting group (eg Field hockey). We will combine donations and recognize the group name once the target is reached.

Of course, if you wish to donate more you can buy more than one square, or even talk to us about buying the goal square or the center circle!

Donations from businesses or organizations are also welcome. Donations of 500,000 yen or 5000 US$ or more will be recognized on a separate board.

Donations toward new play structures and tennis courts can also be made.

Donations can be tax deductible in the US, Japan and Canada.

Please email our Business Manager, Bryan Lewis, on blewis@caj.ac.jp if you wish to discuss more specific ways you would like your donation to be directed or recognized.
寄付金の用途指定、また寄付の公表の仕方などについてご相談がある方はぜひビジネス・マネージャーのブライアン・ルイス blewis@caj.ac.jpにメールをください。

Thank you for your support and for partnering with us in our mission.

To donate in US$

Press on the Donate button above, select your method of payment, check the tax deductibility status of the method and follow the instructions. Select the Capital Fund. Give instructions for the purpose of the donation and how you would like to be recognized in the ‘Personal Note’ section of the online form, or as otherwise directed, or by emailing blewis@caj.ac.jp.

To donate in Yen

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