Emergency instructions

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*Closing: If school is closed because of bad weather or some other emergency, we will:

    • Post the closure on the CAJ website caj.ac.jp
    • Send an emergency closing announcement by email to all CAJ families
    • Activate a school closing message in the academic office 042-471-0022
  • Disasters: The school is equipped with generator power as well as emergency supplies of food and water. In the aftermath of a disastrous situation that occurs while school is in session:
    • Until a general “all clear” statement is issued by authorities, students will not be permitted to leave campus without administrative consent or being accompanied by a parent or guardian;
    • No student will use the CAJ telephone unless directed. Cellular phones may be used by students.
  • Parental responsibilities are as follows:
    • Ensure that students carry school and other identification cards with them at all times
    • Advise children of the necessary actions and responsibilities if caught en route to/from school